Information about Bella Vita's Products
At Bella Vita Day Spa we use a mixture of cosmeceutical skin care,natureskin care  oils, Aroma therapy, balms and waxes.



         gentle cleanser    

    Gentle clean

               extreme C20   


      Extreme C20     


  Extreme B17         

 Purify, renew, restore, protect and comfort no matter what your skintype ideal for red,sentive,reactive skin,and surgery care

 4.58 years younger in 84 days -now that's extreme! For firmer, less wrinkled, brighter-looking skin.

hyperpigmentation and sun damage skin,mattifying and firm your skin.

          jungle brew

       Jungle Brew


       Pigment Punch

                        retinol brulee

      Retinol Brulee



      Red-less 21

 Problem Skin Serum.Chemical-free - because problem skin should be nurtured - not tortured! Spotty, excessively oily and impure skin?  Wage war against age spots, freckles, hormonal marks, blotchy uneven skin tones, red and brown acne scars. To reduce the look of fine lines, deeper wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, mottled pigmentation and discolourations or an excessively oily skin  Facial redness, skin sensitivity, chronically dry, uncomfortably tight skin? Help has finally arrived!


            Exfol L 15




              Eye lift3

                  hydrating mask

             Hydrating Mask



 Superior skin resurfacing without the trauma! This AHA serum is proven effective without the disturbing side effects!  Dark circles,puffiness,Dehydration,fine lines and wrinkles around both eyes and lips.  super hydrating and antioxidant,Nourishing.  Mechanical exfoliant.Antioxidant and soothing ,calming,Detoxifying.


SPF30+handsfree sunscreen



                       post treatment 

              Post treatment balm


Hydra Shield SPF15

 for all sporty types,photo damage esp for management of resistant hyperpigmentation.4 hour water resistant.  environmental protection for all skin.  Protecting and Emollient,barrier protection.Also for Eczema,psoriasis,skin irritations as a moisturiser.  sensitive skin and all Fitzpatrick Skin colours.


        Envirostat SPF50







            fruit enzyme mask


   Fruit Enzyme mask


    Phytostat 9 

 Lightweight,dry to the touch,no sticky.4 hour water resistant.  super moisturiser designed esp for ageing concerns.Suit Dry,Dehydrated,Mature All skins with ageing concerns

 A potent antioxidant-rich fruit

enzyme mask designed to

eliminate dead skin buildup

and dissolve excessively peeling skin. Gentle exfoliation, with antioxidant protection

 The creme of the crop! A 4-in-1 intelligent cream that adjusts specifically to the needs of your skin 24/7.


Initial results seen in between two and four weeks.












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