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Hot stone deep tissue massage
Special volcanic stones are heated and 
applied to the body to promote deep-tissue healing and relaxation.



Couples hot stone Deep Tissue or

realxation,therapeutic massage available now!



   45mins    hot stone   Deep Tissue  sessions         $75


1 ¼ hour hot stone Deep Tissue   sessions      $120.00
1 ½ hourhot stone  Deep Tissue    sessions       $150.00





Lashes MDlashMD



 Go ahead, Lash out!
Initial results seen in between two and four weeks.
Available at Bella Vita Day Spa,
walk in or ring 06-3552667 for more infomation.
LashesMD® will give you the dreamy eyelashes that you have always wanted, without a prescription. Noticeably intensify your expression and transform your face with naturally beautiful eyelashes.

Foot peel treatment


$79 per course,buy 5 course only for $329 


Please take a photo of your feet through the email,then we can help you more.

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'NEW' pamper: To be a new woman

New'Aspect pamper' ---1 hour Aspec t full Medi- facial,1.5hours  Aroma hot stone massage  and a free brow shape.   Only $199 . (valued at over $249.00 )

Aspect facial you can choose:

 Anti-ageing and Pigmentation Facial
 Anti-redness, Sensitive skin Facial
 Aspect Back Ance or detox Facia

Redless21                                                                      Extreme C20

011   021

 Eyelift 3                                                                                       face peel

    023      024



Aspect Medi-Facial

The Aspect Medi Facial is a deeply exfoliating treatment which is then followed by an infusion mask, leaving your skin feeling fresh and bright.

Ideal for :dull, Lifeless skin, Acne, Anti-aging,pigmentation,congested skin, scarring, dry, dehydrating skin.


The complete Reflexology Foot treatment

Orly Gel polish. This gel polish is a vitamin infused gel system and ensures incredibly durable, chip-free manicures for 2 weeks with superior shine and easy removal. Orly Gel polish also dries far quicker than regular nail polish, so no more sitting around for nails to dry! Book your first session now, the Gel polish costs just $55 per set (hands or feet)!

Hair re-growth! Using patented seaweed solution and the Galvanic Spa machine regain that look of confidence again. Fantastic price here in Palmerston North, other places offering comparable results and are up to 10 times the price.

Stop the press! Turn back the clock, see why we use the Galvanic Spa treatment system to help you look and feel younger. Add this treatment to any natural facial or just on its own. Watch this independent clip: